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OrthoNOW History

Recognizing the delivery of healthcare in the US was badly broken, a vision of better care at a reduced cost was born.

A group of orthopedic surgeons in South Florida confronted the same frustration of seeing orthopedic injuries treated poorly and inefficiently, so they created OrthoNOW - an orthopedic urgent care center designed to offer a total orthopedic solution to patients on a walk-in basis.

Before OrthoNOW, patients had to choose between the lesser of two evils when looking for orthopedic care; either compromise quality of care for a better waiting room experience (i.e. an urgent care center) or compromise time for higher quality of care (i.e. a traditional orthopedic practice). OrthoNOW believes that patients shouldn’t have to make this choice, and with OrthoNOW, they no longer need to.

What typically happens when a patient gets injured?

  1. Person gets injured, panics and heads to the nearest ER

  2. Patient waits several hours to be seen

  3. Initial evaluation and treatment performed by provider who lacks expertise

  4. Patients gets ice pack, anti-inflammatories and advised to follow up with an orthopedic specialist at a later date.

  5. To add insult to injury, they get a bill for 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars

  6. And start the process over again

OrthoNOW is Transforming US Healthcare NOW

OrthoNOW is transforming the way expert orthopedic healthcare is delivered. At our state of the art, full-service, walk-in medical centers, we treat patients of all ages. No appointment or referrals required, and patients can walk in for ALL things orthopedic, get an X-Ray, and be evaluated by onsite orthopedic providers.

The OrthoNOW Care Model

  • Traditional Urgent Care Clinic Hours

  • No Wait Times, No Appointments and No Referrals Needed

  • X-Rays and Imaging Services Available On Site

  • No More Having to Endure Multiple Visits

  • Treated by On Site Orthopedic Clinician

  • Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Improved Outcomes

How OrthoNOW is Different

OrthoNOW is not just “another” traditional urgent care.  Traditional urgent cares focus primarily on minor injuries and illnesses like flu, allergy testing, strep testing etc. and do not handle the wide variety of orthopedic cases that require specialized training to correctly treat. For instance, while they can often be treated conservatively, fractures must be treated right away to ensure the bone heals in the proper position and to rule out any vascular or nerve injury. The wrong care compromises the patient’s health, is inconvenient and wastes time and money due to redundant patient visits required to finally get the care they need.


At our neighborhood orthopedic care centers, we offer full range of orthopedic services at the time of injury when the patient needs it most, saving both time and money and improving healing outcomes.


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